Investing in sustainable companies in the stock markets with MSCI - November 2, 2020

At this event we tackled the issue of investing in sustainable companies in the stock markets. As you might be aware, finding such companies is not an easy task and thus, we aim to provide some guidance in order to help you navigate the difficult terrain. The speakers at this event were:

- Ruth Brännvall (Founder and CEO of Impact Invest) who provides some insights from her new book.

- Olga Emelianova (Head of Impact Research at MSCI) who shares key learnings from MSCI's research on stock markets and the way our investment can make a difference.


- Intro (5 min)

- Capital with purpose - key points presentation by Ruth Brännvall (15 min)

- MSCI - learnings from research by Olga Emelianova and Noora Viksten (20 min)

- Open discussion (20 min)

The event was recorded and the video is available to our members.