Impact Advisory: The gender definitions - January 14, 15:30-17:00

In 2021 Impact Invest will run a webinars and forums on a range of topics, suggested by our members. The first webinar is focusing on the definition of women owned businesses. Several investors wish to show the diversity of their portfolio companies and reporting on the share of women ownership is one of way of increasing gender equality when it comes to funding. 

Impact Invest is currently participating in the global standardisation effort, initiated by the World Trade Organization and the International Standards’ Organization, that will result in a standard for how women ownership should be measured and provide recommendations for certain thresholds and measurement aspects.

Other related aspects such as ”women led”, ”female founders” and ”share of women on boards" will also be discussed in this online webinar and we invite all members who measure aspects of gender from a management perspective to provide their method and thoughts on this topic. 

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