Handbook for those who want to make impact investments.

Ruth Brännvall's new book - Capital with purpose - the second wave of impact investing out now.

’Capital with purpose – the second wave of impact investing’ offers a step-by-step guide to integrating impact perspectives into your investments and support of company growth. The book takes you on a journey to identifying effects of a company/project, including examples of how frameworks like UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used in finance and what data is necessary to identify and prove impact. It also poses questions that will help you identify your own areas of interest and what types of investment you make. In addition to these, the book includes tips from the foremost pioneers in the field as well as Impact Invest’s own experience in a number of case studies. It is not only a guide for private investors, it also highlights the problems that prevent the development of exchange-traded products to really make any major difference from a sustainability perspective.

“The quest to find solutions and influential opportunities comes before the search for financial opportunities. Impact investments are investments that aim to generate positive, measurable social and environmental effects together with an economic return. 'Together' is the important word - simultaneous and linked results. The social and environmental results are delivered by the business model / project, not by generating a profit that can be distributed to good causes. ” Ruth Brännvall

Do you want to read the book? The printed version is available for purchase at Adlibris, Bokus and Akademibokhandeln.* The book is written in English. It is also available as an audiobook and ebook at Apple Books, BookBeat, Nextstory and BookMate. If you wish to pay by invoice, you can order the book by emailing us at info (at) impactinvest.se with your address and invoice information.