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we help more people feel better

We are Sweden's first social growth fund. This means that we work both with financial returns and to increase health status and well-being. Especially for people that do not have their needs met today. We invest in Nordic entrepreneurs who have a solution with proven effect and market demand. The fund has private investors and several foundations as owners. We open for new investors once a year.

Below you can see examples of what the fund has invested in.

Theme: Social Inclusion


Trainstation Sweden offers physical places for digital exploration, with world-class digital tutors and educational materials. Young people are guided to find their own driving forces and areas where they can feel valuable and grow. Trainstation is offered in collaboration with municipalities in Jordbro, Vivalla and other places struggling with high unemployment rates and crime.

Theme: Increased access to healthcare


Digitization in healthcare has only just begun. Smart solutions reduce the time staff spend on administration and integrate processes in health care delivery. Curoflow offers a solution that makes healthcare interactions smoother while protecting privacy better. With a high focus on cost efficiency, even small, specialized clinics, councilors and health advisors can reach out to more people and spend more time where their professional skills are needed.

Theme: Increased access to healthcare


Allbry has developed a service for student health that increases students' opportunities to get in touch with a counsellor. By being available both digitally and physically, more children and teenagers can receive professional support, in the way they prefer. The councelor's digital tool contains structures for the conversations and measures the efforts, so that the school gets a better tool for quality work.

Theme: Sexual & reproductive health


Women's health and well-being is a neglected area in research and innovation. The fund invests in solutions to increase equality in care, develop more effective diagnostic and treatment methods, and manage menstrual health in a more sustainable and affordable way. One of our first investments was therefore in Monthly of Sweden .

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