Tiffany Lopez Lee

Tiffany has been working alongside business leaders and investors throughout the United States for 15 years. Her exposure ranges a wide variety of organisations from startup phase to large industrial companies, across numerous sectors. This include fundraising processes with private angel investors, wealth management offices, and institutional investors alike.

Following her curiosity across business sectors and cultures, Tiffany found an opportunity to continue her full-time job in private equity while travelling throughout Europe, Africa, and Latin America, learning about local economies. Upon return, with a new perspective, she relocated to Sweden and has evolved her career to focus more on social impact and sustainability. Tiffany enjoys building strong relationships, learning about forward thinking companies and initiatives, and finding ways to help people and organisations succeed.
She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in International Business, from the University of Kansas School of Business.
Tiffany is working with deal sourcing on behalf of our members and clients, including management support to our Care of Business programs.

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