Petya Thorne

Petya is the Communications and Community Manager of our Care of Business accelerator and investment readiness program. Petya, like many of the entrepreneurs that we help grow, has moved countries twice. Born in Bulgaria, she moved to the UK where she completed a Master’s degree in History of Art at University College London. After working at the Barbican Art Gallery, she realised her passion was for communicating the power of art to the general public. This led to her starting a blog before eventually working for Bulgarian National TV and the best-selling newspaper in her home country, writing on art. In the UK, she has worked as a copywriter and video editor before moving to Sweden.
Here, she worked as a native language teacher in a school in Stockholm. Through this experience she realised
how much she enjoyed helping newcomers feel at home.
Now, she gets to combine her two biggest passions – that for communicating and for supporting people to feel that they belong in a country. One where they can realise their entrepreneurial dreams.