Investment Readiness

Improve your chances to get funded

Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of time preparing to pitch to potential investors and funders. But often they fail at providing good answers to questions, since they lack understanding of how investors think. Or miss out when negotiating the terms of an investment.

The Investment Readiness programme was designed to help entrepreneurs and companies make a better job at seeking capital, not just to deliver a great pitch. Better prepared you have better chances of getting funded. Want to know what past participants say? Read here.

Our programme format is simple – you participate in a two day workshop where you will learn what funding sources are available, what you need to prepare before approaching a funder or investors, and the process of due diligence, negotiations and contracting. After this you get access to an individual coach who will help you to review your documentation and identify possible funders in the following six months. The most promising participants will be selected to pitch to the networks of Impact Invest and SheSupp.

The next programme will run in collaboration with SheSupp. It will be a slightly shorter version than our full program. We start with a 1,5 day workshop followed by two sessions with your individual coach in the following  months.




10 – 11 May 2018 (Kristi Himmelfärd) in central Stockholm

The workshop will use real investment cases and situations and will contain:

  • Overview of potential funding sources and actors (including grants, crowdfunding, private investors etc)
  • Explanation of various financial instruments and terminology
  • Key issues to consider when considering external owners or funders
  • Step-by-Step description of what happens in the investment process
  • Legal basics – terms sheets, shareholder agreements
  • Pitching and presentation

Following the initial training, participants will receive individual feedback on their investor documentation and how to approach investors for a period of six months. This coaching can take place in Skåne, in Stockholm or online, to fit with your needs.
Selected ventures will be invited to pitch to investors and partners in Impact Invest Scandinavia’s investor network.

Cost: The cost is 2,950 SEK +moms per participating company for one person per company. Additional people from the same companies costs 1,200 SEK. The fee includes lunches and refreshments during the workshop.

How to Register: If you’re interested, please email us at Include an executive summary of your business plan by May 1st. Please ensure to make it clear in your description what social and/or ecological impact your venture aspire to. The programme has room for up to 25 participants.