c/o Business – our platform for foreign-born entrepreneurs

Impact Invest is running Sweden’s largest accelerator and investment readiness program for foreign born entrepreneurs. Our objective is to support a faster integration process for refugees and non-EU migrants. Companies led by people with a foreign background tend to employ other migrants to a higher degree than native companies.
As an intermediary of venture funding,  Impact Invest also strive to contribute to more equal access to funding and venture capital for start-ups – in a market which is today lacking in diversity.

The first year 2016/2017 was a pilot for entrepreneurs primarily running their businesses in Skåne or Blekinge. We are expanding the programme from September 2017 and will offer support to entrepreneurs located in Västmanland, Östergötland and greater Stockholm in addition to south Sweden.coBusiness_logo_gul

We have now opened the Care of Business own website, so please click here to be directed for more details and to apply!

If you are an investor, a corporate or other kind of potential partner interested in learning more you can contact Ruth Brännvall, founder. ruth.brannvall (at) impactinvest.se